PesosKitchenandLounge was founded by Bradley with the sole intention of reaching out to curious and misinformed people about all things kitchen and dining. But with time, he narrowed down the discussions here to refrigeration, ice and drinks and other chilled delights.

Bradley has worked as a professional bartender for over 10 years and uses his expertise now to impress people that turn up at the frequent events he keep throwing. Apart from writing for PesosKitchenandLounge, he oversees operations at a café he co-owns with a couple of his friends.

As for the content he chooses to publish here, it’s a combination of buying guides and informative write-ups regarding common ice making doubts. He understands that ice makers are no longer a luxury item and are increasingly becoming a staple in domestic kitchens.

But, as these have only recently started gaining popularity, there happens to be so much confusion and misinformation among people. Having first-hand experience with the costliest of these machines, Bradley knows the ins and outs of ice makers and the problems associated with them.

It’s very likely that the problem you came here looking for has already been addressed in an article. But if you find nothing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with him using our contact form. Bradley loves to communicate with new people and address their concerns 1 on 1.