Sports at Peso’s

Sports at Peso’s

Peso’s Kitchen and Lounge is NOT a Sports Bar!
However, our Lounge Area has 8 HD TV’s with no bad view in the house.
Game Day Drink and Food Specials
Always festive atmosphere and oh yeah,


Not empty claims, there! We stand behind all that we say and we’re willing to explain how. Our bartenders know their stuff, our equipments are of elite quality and are maintained by a dedicated team. We use our own ice, made from pure and treated water so you don’t have to worry about the concerns involved with mass produced block ice. We pride on our GE opal for special requirements of sonic-style crunchy ice that some of our customers demand. Upon getting asked the same questions over and over, we had Bradley to review some of his top sonic ice maker picks on our website. If you get one, all you’ll be lacking is the art!. All the best with that ;P

Plus local micro brews on tap and attentive staff