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How to Reset Igloo Ice Maker | Igloo Ice Maker Troubleshooting

igloo ice maker troubleshooting

Igloo is known for producing high-quality igloo portable ice maker machines. The units are essentially bullet ice makers that are extremely attractive and would go well in any household. Although crunchy nugget style ice makers are getting some traction lately, good old igloo ice makers have their own charm and will arguably continue to be timeless classics.

However, some issues may arise from regular use, making it difficult to manufacture ice cubes. And it’s frustrating when it doesn’t function properly. Some first-time customers may even have trouble setting up and running the igloo portable ice maker.

Although a lot of these issues would require you to clean the unit, there is a possibility that you might need to reset your igloo portable ice maker also. Hence, this blog will guide you with step-by-step instructions on how to reset igloo ice maker along with different solutions for igloo ice maker troubleshooting.

How To Reset Igloo Ice Maker

In case you are wondering how to reset igloo ice maker, follow the below-given steps in order to do so:

  1. Disconnect the igloo ice maker from the main power source
  2. Proceed with draining the water reservoir
  3. Empty the ice basket by opening the lid
  4. Take a soft cloth and clean all the metal tubes thoroughly
  5. Put back the lid of your igloo ice maker
  6. Connect back the igloo ice maker to the power source and turn it on
  7. Now press and hold the ice maker’s power button for 10-12 seconds
  8. Leave it for the next half an hour
  9. Restart the igloo portable ice maker to see if the problem has been resolved

Diagnosis Of Igloo Ice Maker Troubleshooting

In case your Igloo portable ice maker is not functioning properly, follow the video and instructions given below to figure out what’s wrong. These going to lead you through the most common igloo portable ice maker troubleshooting.

1. ‘Add Water’ Indicator Light Is on

This error can come up when:

  • You are required to add some water
  • Your water sensor is damaged
  • Your water sensor needs to be replaced

If adding water does not instantly start the ice cycle, we recommend contacting customer service.

2. ‘Ice Full’ Indicator Light Is On

If you find that the igloo ice maker ice full sensor is on, all you might need to do is fill up the portable ice maker with water. If the problem does not get resolved even after adding water, it is a possibility that the water sensor may be broken or unclean. You could utilize a descaling solution and clean your portable ice maker before calling for assistance.

3. ‘Ice Full’ And ‘Add Water’ Indicator Lights Are On Together

An electrical surge or air in the water lines could be a possible cause of this.

The small drain plug on the side of the unit can be used to drain all of the water from the ice maker. It would be prudent of you to let the igloo ice maker sit for a few hours to ensure that the ice preventing the ice maker from operating correctly has melted. The ice maker’s sensors may reset as a result, and the appliance will begin generating ice.

You must also check that nothing is blocking the ice maker’s pusher. An electrical surge or air in the water lines could be the cause for this to happen. The little drain plug on the side of the machine can be used to drain all of the water from the ice maker.

Igloo Ice Maker Problems

Below given are some issues you might encounter with your ice maker, as well as their possible causes at a glance –

ProblemMost Probable Causes
1. Ice maker not working Power cord / power outlet damaged, No water in reservoir, clogged water line
2. Ice maker makes ice but doesn’t eject in ice binFaulty ejector mechanism
3. Ice maker makes funny tasting iceQuality of water is bad, gunk/mold buildup in ice maker. Check my mold build-up cleaning guide here.
4. Irregular ice cubes Faulty Ice cutting mechanism
5. Ice cubes are not well separated Faulty Ice cutting mechanism
6. Water Leakage Broken water line or internal tubes
7. Coolant Leakage Damaged internal parts

1. Ice Maker Not Working

“Igloo ice maker not making ice” is one of the most common problems that igloo ice maker users encounter. There could be a variety of reasons for this. Let’s take a look at some of the most prevalent causes of ice maker failure:

  • Your power outlet is broken.
  • Your ice maker was accidentally switched off.
  • The power cord for your ice maker is broken.
  • Your ice bucket is overflowing.
  • The water reservoir of your ice maker is completely depleted.
  • The water line to your ice maker is clogged.


  • If your ice maker used to function but no longer does, start by checking the power supply. The plug may have become loose from the socket, or the outlet may be defective. Check if the machine is turned on.
  • One more possibility might be that a majority of ice machines feature a pause button, which you may have accidentally pressed.
  • You should empty the ice bin if it is full so that more ice can be made. Nonetheless, it’s possible that those aren’t the problem, and that the problem is the lack of water getting to the ice maker.
  • In case your tube is clogged, try figuring out its reason and then unclogging it. For frozen water, a hairdryer can work wonders to melt it.
  • The ice maker will not function properly if the reservoir levels are too low. So, you might want to check that as well.
  • If you’re concerned that the water won’t reach the region where the ice is created, check the water supply tube to the ice tray. It could be clogged, or there could be a problem with the pump. Pump problems frequently necessitate the assistance of a specialist.

2. Ice Does Not Come Out

You might think the machine isn’t creating any ice because there isn’t any in the bin. But when you open it up you will notice ice in the tray. This is because even if the ice is produced, but the cubes are not discharged into the collection container. A defective heating or ejector mechanism can cause this. You can solve the problem on your own.


The ice maker has a heating mechanism that heats the bottom of the tray, allowing it to be dislodged. The cubes are then swept out and into the basket by the ejector mechanism. After that, you can scoop them up and place them in your cup. In case it fails, you can still fix it yourself. All you need to do is check individual parts for loose wires, corrosion, or broken pieces. Some items may be replaced by oneself, but others may require professional assistance.

3. Ice Tasting Funny

It is inevitable to run across the issue of stinky ice at some point. Ice cubes of good quality are similar to water. There is neither odor nor flavor to them. If your ice batch tastes or smells strange/funny, it points out the fact that something might have gone wrong during the process of ice making. A majority of the people describe the taste as stale. The staleness can get transferred into the beverage you are planning to drink. There are a couple of possibilities here.

The first one being, the ice maker could be filthy. Another possibility is that might have you left the ice in the bin for too long, or that the water quality is poor.


Clean the Ice Maker

  1. The first and foremost thing to do is clean your ice maker by referring to the igloo ice maker manual. Find out ways from the igloo ice maker manual to clean each and every component along with wiping the tray properly.
  2. Your ice could taste like plastic if the ice maker is new. So, clean the unit once and then rinse it 2 times before using it.
  3. The issue can sometimes be found in the water. Those pollutants will remain in the ice if you use tap water. Check if your machine has an integrated filter; if it does, it may be time to replace it.
  4. Ice makers featuring water lines may not have water filters installed in them. Hence, you can directly connect the filter to the line. Only filtered or bottled water should be used in the reservoir of a portable ice maker.

Always have fresh ice

  1. Staleness isn’t always due to a problem with the machine. One more explanation could be that you left your ice in the basket for too long. The ice will no longer taste fresh after a few hours.
  2. This is a regular occurrence in the ice makers that recycle water from the melted ice. The ice will melt if you do not empty your bin. The water will then get poured back into the reservoir in order to make more ice batches.
  3. The problem is that when the stale ice melts, the water acquires the stale flavor. Using the ice as soon as possible is a smart option. You should also change the water in the reservoir on a daily basis.

4. Plastic Present In Ice

It is a serious problem and a safety threat if you detect plastic particles in your ice. It can happen if the device is brand new and even it has been in use for a long time. The majority of people see foreign items in the cubes, such as plastic fragments. This is caused by a faulty component somewhere inside your machine in the majority of cases.


These plastic pieces might have originated from within your unit itself.  A lot of machines contain such plastic parts that could shatter and wind up in the ice. Even if it isn’t very common, it does happen. Components might become loose or broken due to manufacturing faults, transportation, or aging. They may mix with the water as it freezes. If this occurs and your ice maker is more than 5 years old, it is preferable to replace it. There are a lot of inexpensive ice makers on the market available right now.

5. Irregular Ice Cubes

Even if you don’t care about the shape of the ice cubes, a sudden shift can point out a problem. The cubes could be too small, too large, or irregularly formed. A damaged water valve, the sort of water you used, or a poor cutting mechanism might all cause this.


Find out what shapes and numbers of cubes your ice maker can generate before you think there’s a problem. Many devices can produce two sizes and a variety of forms. For instance, many sonic ice makers can make sonic-style and nugget ice cubes, both. You might have modified the settings unintentionally in some circumstances. If that isn’t the problem, it could be a mechanical one. The water valve, which controls how much water is poured into the ice-making area may also be the source of the problem. Check this guide on how are sonic style ice nuggets made if this crumbly ice form intrigues you.

The valve may occasionally let too much or too little water pass through, affecting the form and size of your ice. A blockage might lead to malfunctioning valves. Mineral deposits obstruct the valve’s ability to open and seal properly. In such cases, replacing the valve might help. You can begin with trying to clean it as well as the water inlet area. If that doesn’t solve the shape issue, replacing will be the only option that will be left.

6. Ice Cutting Grid Not Working

One possibility might be that the ice will come out in a lump or that the cubes will not be completely separated. It could be a problem with your ice-cutting grid in this situation. Heated wires are used to cut the block of ice into cubes in this process.


This issue can either be electrical or mechanical. Check if the mechanism is blocked or the cables are tangled. Certain parts may need to be replaced. If the problem isn’t with the cutting grid or the valve, it could be with hard water, which contains a lot of dissolved solids. The solids in the water may lead it to take on strange shapes when frozen with the ice maker. To get high-quality ice, it’s ideal to use filtered or bottled water.

7. Water Leaking In Ice Maker

In case you encounter your ice maker leaking:

  • Check for damaged components by opening the ice maker. You’ll very certainly come upon a broken tube or hose. If it’s a major leak, you’ll notice it right away when you inspect it. A minor leak, on the other hand, maybe more difficult to locate. It will take longer for a pool of water to form. Furthermore, it may make it more difficult to discover the issue. Sometimes, the leak might be a result of coolant instead of water. This is even more dangerous. Check my detailed guide on fixing water leakages in ice maker when filling for a thorough take on this issue.
  • You may have to replace a few components once you find out the issue after checking valves, pumps, and outlets. You may need to hire someone to put the replacement part in.
  • It could be time to replace an outdated machine with a newer model if you are using it for a long time now.

8. Coolant Leaking In Ice Maker

Coolant leaking may result in less ice production from the ice maker. One of the explanations for this might be rough handling while transporting the ice maker or a sign of aging.


This is a situation that will require the assistance of a professional. They might be able to fix the leak, but it will likely be expensive. It might be preferable to get a new one instead.

My Top Igloo Ice Maker Recommendations

Igloo ICEB33SL Portable Ice Maker
  • Product Weight – 18.96 lbs.
  • Ice Type – Bullet Ice 
  • Ice Making Capacity – 33 lbs/day 
  • Water Tank Capacity – 2.5 quart
  • Ice Basket Capacity – 2 lbs.
  • Self Cleaning Function – No
  • Additional Highlights – Makes 2 sizes of ice, can make 9 ice cubes, removable ice basket
Igloo Dual Purpose Ice Cube Maker & Shaver
  • Product Weight – 32.8 lbs.
  • Ice Type – Bullet & Shaved Ice 
  • Ice Making Capacity – 44 lbs/day
  • Water Tank Capacity – 1.7 quart 
  • Ice Basket Capacity – 2 lbs 
  • Self Cleaning Function – Yes 
  • Additional Highlights – Makes bullet ice and shaved ice, optional water line hookup, larger daily output
Igloo Automatic Portable Electric Ice Maker
  • Product Weight – 20.55 lbs.
  • Ice Type – Bullet Ice 
  • Ice Making Capacity – 24 lbs/day
  • Water Tank Capacity – 3 quart 
  • Ice Basket Capacity – 2 lbs 
  • Self Cleaning Function – No 
  • Additional Highlights – Can make 9 ice cubes in 7 minutes, removable ice bucket and scoop 


It’s can be annoying when igloo portable ice makers break down or don’t operate as intended. However, resetting your unit may solve the problem and get your ice maker to function again properly. Call for professional help if the aforementioned igloo ice maker troubleshooting solutions are unable to fix your unit.

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